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XQ Cyber and Network Utilities join forces to bring the award winning CyberScore™ to you

With the cost of cyberattacks increasing, the need for businesses and organisations of all sizes to get a clear overview of their cybersecurity posture has never been greater. This partnership with XQ Cyber means that our customers will be able to use an award-winning automated security testing service to get a clear overview of your organisation’s cybersecurity posture. 

Date: 11 Apr 19

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Digital Initiatives Leading the Way - 2019’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends

Read about the top 10 strategic technology trends leading the way in 2019 compliments of Extreme Networks taken from Gartner, Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019.


Date: 10 Apr 19

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The 7 Deadly Privileged Accounts You MUST Discover, Manage and Secure

Not only are more businesses dependent on privileged accounts but they are also the accounts that are likely to be targeted by hackers & cyber criminals. Here are ‘7 Deadly Privileged Accounts’ that all organisations must discover, manage & secure in order to reduce their business security risk. Read more from Joe Carson, Thycotic 

Date: 08 Apr 19

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Network Utilities Acquires Metropolitan Networks

Today marks a great day in Network Utilities’ 25 year history as we announce our recent acquisition of Metropolitan Networks! Bringing these two highly regarded companies together will give our customers the depth and breadth of people, technologies and services with even more benefits from a provider they trust.

Date: 02 Apr 19

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Application Isolation and Control – A Modern Defense for New Threats

By Fraser Kyne, EMEA CTO, Bromium

The detection method for preventing malware is fundamentally flawed, yet it is still the de facto standard in cybersecurity. Day after day, organisations scramble to protect against a growing number of threats, but all it takes is one piece of malware to go undetected to wreak havoc on IT systems.

Date: 01 Apr 19

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A Deep Dive On How To Catch Phish

It’s becoming all too familiar - a simple plain text email appearing to come from the CEO asking the accounts payable team member to immediately settle the overdue invoice from an irate supplier, that has just called them personally to complain. 

Find out more in this blog post “A deep dive on how to catch a Phish”, where we look at an all too common BEC scenario and provide you with steps on how you can overcome this modern email threat and protect your business.

Date: 18 Jul 18

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Webinar Recording: Vulnerability Assessment Service

Our managed Vulnerability Assessment Service is a measure that can ease your concerns around cyber attacks. It enables a safe and accurate scan of your network for security threats and vulnerabilities and provides the benefits of ongoing, regular scans and visibility. Watch our webinar recording to learn more about the service.

Date: 27 Oct 17

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Webinar Recording: Network Utilities Managed Security Services

Here at Network Utilities we offer a range of services and enhanced support from simple pen testing to 24/7/365 telephone support to fully managing your IT security. The aim is to remove the burden of niggling IT issues or staff shortages allowing you to focus on your critical projects and business objectives.

Date: 18 Sep 17

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Webinar Recording: Supporting your journey to compliance and beyond

We can provide you with practical, pragmatic advice on meeting and maintaining regulations such as GDPR and the incoming ePrivacy regulation enabling organisations like yours to meet regulatory obligations and business goals. Watch our on demand webinar and get some key questions answered.

Date: 15 Aug 17

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Webinar Recording: Prepare for tomorrow’s cyber threats today!

Watch our on demand webinar and take a dive into today’s data and cyber security threat landscape with our Principle Technology Strategist; Malcolm Orekoya and hear about:

  • The evolution of ransomware
  • How to boost cyber security awareness within your organisation
  • Data portability in your organisation
  • The importance of encrypted data visibility
  • How to prepare for the impact these cyber threats will have on your organisation

Date: 18 Jul 17

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Network Utilities and EfficientIPs' continued partnership

With new legislation coming into effect in May 2018, this is a critical time for all organisations to focus on the strength, resiliency, and intelligence of their networks to avoid data breaches and ensure GDPR compliance, with this in mind Network Utilities and EfficientIPs' continued partnership will be beneficial to prospects and customers alike.

Now is the time to start building a GDPR-compliant infrastructure and providing sufficient security at the DNS level can save companies huge amounts of money and help avoid unnecessary GDPR proceedings.

Date: 19 Apr 17

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Webinar Recording: GDPR It’s coming, and it will impact your business

Are you confident in how to use and process your customer information in the light of GDPR?

Take the time to watch our on demand webinar and find out about your obligations and how GDPR will affect you and your organisation.

Date: 22 Feb 17

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Webinar Recording: Network Security in the Cloud - Join the Revolution

Cato Networks is rethinking network security from the ground up and bringing it into the Cloud. Cato connects your branch locations, mobile users, physical and Cloud infrastructure into a secure and optimised global network in the Cloud.

Cato is making Network Security Simple Again.

Watch this recording to learn how Cato’s Cloud-based Secure Network offers a simple and affordable platform to securely connect all parts of your business.

Date: 26 Jan 17

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Webinar Recording: GDPR – It’s coming, and it will impact your business

Your customers are more and more aware of their entitlements around data protection; they want privacy rights and strong protections. But are you confident in how to process your customer information in the light of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)?

Watch our video for invaluable hints and tips on how to get GDPR compliant.

Date: 15 Dec 16

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CensorNet SMS Passcode: Busting The Top Four Myths About Hacking

Are you protecting your data with just a password? If your answer is no, and you have strong multi-factor authentication in place, then good job: you are free to go out and enjoy the sunshine. If you answered yes, then stick around for a few more minutes to learn why a password alone is not enough to secure access to your corporate networks and applications.

Date: 29 Nov 16

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Webinar Recording – Palo Alto Networks Traps Demo

AV can no longer stop today’s threats. Palo Alto Networks Traps™ advanced endpoint protection is the only product offering that replaces AV with “multi-method prevention”: a proprietary combination of malware and exploit prevention methods that pre-emptively block both known and unknown threats.

If you are concerned about uptime, reputation and IP then view our webinar to learn how to secure the endpoint with Palo Alto Networks Traps™.

Date: 23 Nov 16

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Privacy Is a Human Right; do you understand your data obligations?

On Thursday we gathered together with clients at information security consultants Blackfoot UK’s head office in London to talk about a trending topic in the IT world today.

Data and Cyber Security Matters in a Post Brexit World.

You need to collaborate to stay ahead of the trends and the cyber security landscape. Think ahead to prevent future attacks. Think of the cost and rewards of investing in your network security vs the risk of not doing so. Ask yourself, can you afford to lose it all when you do get attacked?

Date: 31 Oct 16

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Efficient IP Webinar Recording: No DNS, No Internet, No Business

Following the increase in the number of companies being attacked on their DNS servers, Efficient IP released four major security innovations: Hybrid DNS Engine, DNS Blast, DNS Cloud and DNS Guardian. It is the only Adaptive DNS security solution on the market capable of guaranteeing 100% availability during a DDoS attack.

View the recording of our recent webinar and learn how to:

  • Ensure business continuity
  • Protect customer data and intellectual property against exfiltration
  • Preserve your brand reputation and customer trust
  • Reduce TCO and deliver fast ROI

Date: 26 Oct 16

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Palo Alto Networks Traps – Endpoint Protection

Traps prevents security breaches!

Traps replaces traditional antivirus with a proprietary combination of purpose-built malware and exploit prevention methods that protect users and endpoints from both known and unknown threats. With Traps, you prevent security breaches, in contrast to detecting and responding to incidents after critical assets have already been compromised.

Date: 07 Oct 16

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Network Utilities to launch Monitoring-as-a-Service at IP EXPO

We are pleased to announce that our expert team will be at IP EXPO on the 5th and 6th October to talk to you about our new Monitoring-as-a-Service offering. The service, delivered by a 24/7 UK based operations centre and technical team monitors network, server and storage architectures for both security and availability with optional pay-as-you go incident packs for rapid remediation of any issues.

Date: 03 Oct 16

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Are You Ready For A Break? Your IT Infrastructure May Not Be…

With summer upon us, many organisations are planning for holiday cover and IT departments are more stretched than ever. Unlike some areas of the business that may work 9 to 5, Monday to Friday; networks, application and storage just keep on running. Yet for many firms, the ability to attract and retain IT staff and especially security specialists means that there is often little available slack to take over the reins.  A better, long term option is needed!

Date: 03 Aug 16

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Webinar Recording: An Introduction to ChangeGear - ChangeManager

We’re proud to introduce SunView Software’s ChangeGear Change Manager, the new generation multi-modal change management solution purpose-built for speed and agility in the enterprise.

Date: 01 Jul 16

Event Video: Network Utilities & A10 Networks Were Recent Sponsors of the Rant Forum

Network Utilities and A10 Networks were recent sponsors of the RANT Forum. In this short video we discuss RANT and discuss how Network Utilities together with A10 can support your current infrastructure and defence challenges.

Date: 17 Jun 16

Video: Network Utilities & SunView Software at the Service Desk Show 2016

The Service Desk & IT Support Show took place at London’s Olympia on 8-9 June 2016. Together with our partners SunView Software an industry leader in service management software, we showcased a new multi-modal change management offering based on SunView’s powerful ChangeGear platform, ChangeManager. View our short video to hear why effective change management has never been more important in today’s agile enterprise.

Date: 17 Jun 16

Webinar Recording: Secure Access Has Never Been More Vital – Find Out Why With Pulse Secure

The expectations of today’s tech savvy employees has changed. We are at a turning point where IT teams must say “yes” to remain relevant, and intelligently select security solutions that allow for productivity and compliance. 

Watch the webinar recording to learn how Pulse Secure transforms traditional IT into Hybrid IT.

Date: 13 May 16

3 Ways Change Management Solutions Can Streamline

Modern change management solutions are designed to simplify and streamline collaboration through automation and robust messaging tools. Empower your IT team to collaborate effectively with the right strategic tools. Find out more about three change management systems that fuel better communication. 

Date: 29 Apr 16

Sunview Software & Network Utilities at the Service Desk Show – Stand 800

Introducing – New Generation Change Management Software. Automate change control for IT, DevOps, and business compliance. Watch the video to find out more about Sunview Software and Change Management.

Live demos of ChangeGear Change Manager will take place on stand 800 throughout the show.

Date: 27 Apr 16

Pulse Secure – 100% dedicated to secure access for the next generation

We are at a turning point where IT teams must say “yes” to remain relevant, and intelligently select security solutions that allow for productivity and compliance. Watch this short video with our partner’s Pulse Secure and find out why secure access has never been more vital.

Date: 15 Apr 16

Webinar Recording: Has Your Network Been Breached? Know. When It Matters with Canary

Given recent high profile network breaches network visibility and security have never been more important. In networks of all sizes, internal and external attacks can easily go undetected. Canary, a new solution available from Network Utilities lets you know when it matters.

Date: 16 Mar 16

Webinar Recording: Prepare Your Enterprise For BYOD, IoT & Beyond With Pulse Secure

Is your network ready for the increasing enterprise secure access needs of enabling BYOD, Internet of Things (IoT), and beyond? 

Date: 03 Feb 16

Identity Centric Networks & Security

We specialise in identity-centric network and security solutions and understanding who, what and how, allows us to deliver the best possible solutions to your business challenges. We partner with industry-leading technology vendors to ensure your network is fast, secure and highly-optimised.

Date: 15 Dec 15

Webinar Recording: Why Phishing Attacks Work & What You Can Do About Them

It is generally accepted that by far the greatest risk to the security of your corporate data are your employees themselves who may unwittingly fall victim to phishing attacks. Industry figures indicate 60% of UK office workers receive a Phishing email at least once a day.

Yet a YouGov study funded by Bluecoat indicated that just 6% of British employees have received training in how to deal with phishing attacks. Find out in 15 minutes what you can do to significantly reduce the risk of a user unknowingly installing malware in your organisation.

Date: 14 Dec 15

Event Video: Network Utilities Security at Scale with Gigamon & Savvius

Find out how Gigamon and Savvius in partnership with Network Utilities can enable you to troubleshoot security and performance incidents in real-time and retrospectively… and do it with the scale and rigour that you need.

Date: 13 Dec 15

Webinar Recording: Savvius Insight; Affordable, Enterprise Grade Network Management to Smaller Networks

View our webinar and find out more about Savvius Insight. If you need to quickly & easily deploy, powerful, affordable solutions for real-time visibility then take a closer look.

Date: 02 Dec 15

Stop Phishing Attacks – Harness The Power of Your Human Sensor Network

Stop Phishing Attacks – Harness the Power of Your Human Sensor Network
How does an employee detect the difference between an email with a legitimate attachment and a malicious one? Or a legitimate website and a phishing website? Education is the answer.

Date: 05 Sep 15

Sunview Software: ITSM and DevOps

ITSM and DevOps: Supporting the Agile Environment

Date: 04 Sep 15

The Exinda Technical Boot Camp

A snapshot from our recent technical boot camp with Exinda - Posted by Vanessa Cardwell

Date: 09 Jul 15

Palo Alto Survey Findings - Zero-Day attacks and evasive malware are the biggest risks

The initial findings from a recent Palo Alto survey of Ignite attendees uncovered the cybersecurity pain points these event attendees face, what keeps them up at night, and what specific concerns they have for their organisations.

Posted by Vanessa Cardwell

Date: 21 Apr 15

Want your network to run more smoothly? – Here’s 4 Ways to do it

4 ways to control your network - Posted by Malcolm Orekoya, Senior Technical Consultant at Network Utilities

Date: 11 Nov 14

The CIO Insights – Jayasimha

The Future of Telecoms Network

Date: 30 Sep 14

The CIO Insights – Jay Jayasimha

SaaS, UCaaS, and Network Modernisation

Date: 29 Sep 14

Bye Bye BYOD – Hello Secure Guest Access

Bye-Bye BYOD … hello Secure Guest Access, By Toby Makepeace, Technical Director, Network Utilities

Date: 03 Sep 14

ISPs, are you ready for your next customer?

By Oliver Reynolds, Service Provider Account Manager, Netutils - Posted by Vanessa Cardwell

Date: 17 Mar 14

BYOD – The Big Questions

BYOD – The Big Questions, By Toby Makepeace, Technical Director, Network Utilities

Date: 31 Oct 12