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SMS Passcode version 9 is now available

Date: 13 Oct 16

Version 9 introduces a range of new features and product enhancements that IT and security professionals will benefit from when securing their infrastructure and cloud access against modern cyber threats.

SMS PASSCODE becomes CensorNet MFA

Following the merger betwen SMS PASSCODE and CensorNet earlier this year, we have renamed the product from SMS PASSCODE to CensorNet MFA. There are a number of reasons for this, but primarily we feel that our multi-factor authentication platform has outgrown the SMS PASSCODE name because of the rich variety of OTP delivery methods offered today. The name change is expected to be fully implemented by version 10.

Version 9 - Highlights

CensorNet App

Version 9 gives customers even greater freedom and flexibility to choose how users authenticate. Users can now have their one-time-passcodes (OTPs) delivered to the CensorNet App on their mobile phone as push notifications. The CensorNet App supplements our already rich variety of OTP delivery methods such as SMS/text, voice-call, email, and soft/hard tokens.

PowerShell Support

CensorNet MFA includes PowerShell support for admins to manage and automate tasks through PowerShell scripting. Admins can use PowerShell to set up role-based access, integrate to other systems, or automate daily tasks such as checking if licenses are running low or how many logins from other countries.

Advanced Database Auditing

CensorNet MFA includes advanced auditing capabilities to help customers comply with strict industry regulations and audit control requirements.