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A10 Networks has pioneered a new generation of application networking technologies. Their solutions enable enterprises, service providers, Web giants and government organisations to accelerate, secure and optimise the performance of their Data Centre applications and networks.

In today’s data center, complex new virtualization and cloud data center technologies are being deployed. More users are accessing data from a rapidly expanding array of devices, and broadband wireless and smartphone proliferation is driving rapid growth in data volume. IT organisations must maintain application availability, scale their current infrastructure, consolidate resources and keep networks secure.

At the same time, increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks threaten security and make the task of providing access to legitimate users more challenging. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have grown dramatically in frequency, size and complexity. While organisations have existing security strategies in place that mitigate a range of security threats, they are not sufficient enough to address new breeds of DDoS attacks that are difficult to detect and mitigate.

To tackle these challenges, companies need to scale system performance with rapidly escalating network backbone speeds. More issues will arise, and those equipped with scalable, efficient and flexible networking solutions will successfully keep pace. A10 Networks can help.

A10 Networks’ portfolio of application-layer networking products assure user-to-application connectivity is available, accelerated and secure:


A10 Networks’ application servers and networks are reliably accessible, regardless of user, device type, location or connectivity. They shield network resources from volumetric resource attacks intended to deny service, and bridge the accessibility gap so legacy services using IPv4 address space are accessible to devices using the new IPv6 standard, and vice versa.


A10 Networks’ products improve website and application performance with extremely high-performance application-aware load balancing, including server offload functions such as content caching, connection multiplexing, compression and SSL (encryption) offload. These services are delivered at massive scale, up to 1 Tbps with the aVCS™ virtual chassis system.


A10 Networks’ delivers a range of security features that decrypt, authenticate and inspect application flows, then detect and mitigate the growing array of sophisticated cyber security attacks that threaten availability of the largest websites and networks around the world.

At the center of the A10 product offering is their Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS®), which serves as the high-performance, application-aware networking platform for all of our Application Services Gateway (ASG) products.

Initial success and growth was built upon the AX Series product line that accelerates and secures data center applications. In 2013, the company launched the premium performance A10 Thunder™ Series product family, which further leverages the ACOS platform with three new product lines to address a range of customer needs:

  • Thunder ADC: AApplication Delivery Controller product line that accelerates and secures data center applications and networks.
  • Thunder CGN: ACarrier Grade NAT product line that provides large-scale address and protocol translation services for carrier networks.
  • Thunder TPS: AThreat Protection System product line that provides detection and mitigation against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) cyber attacks.
  • Thunder SSLi: SSL Insight provides visibility into encrypted traffic to eliminate the SSL blind spot in corporate defenses and enables security devices to inspect encrypted traffic.
  • Thunder CFW: Convergent Firewall combines a Secure Web Gateway, Data Center Firewall, Gi/SGi Firewall and Site-to-site IPsec VPN together to streamline networks by consolidating security and application networking into a single high-performance solution.