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Cato Simplifies Networking and Security and provides organisations with a software-defined and cloud-based secure enterprise network.

Cato Networks enables enterprises to efficiently and securely connect all branch locations, the mobile workforce, physical and Cloud data centers, into a global, encrypted and optimised software-defined and could-based secure enterprise network. With both WAN and Internet traffic, consolidated in the Cato Cloud, Cato applies a set of elastic and agile security services to protect access to enterprise application and data, regardless of their location.

Cato Simplifies Networking and Security

Appliance Elimination

Cato protects all connected locations’ WAN and Internet traffic, without managing on-premise appliances, performing unplanned hardware upgrades, and deploying software patches. Cato eliminates branch office equipment such as UTMs, Firewalls and WAN Optimisers.

Direct Internet Access 

Cato protects internet traffic across all branch offices and remote locations. Cato provides cloud-based and enterprise-grade network security without the need for dedicated appliances or expensive traffic backhauling. 

Secure and Optimized SD-WAN

Cato enables organisations to offload MPLS traffic, including internet-bound and non-latency sensitive WAN traffic, to the Cato Cloud. Cato uniquely augments MPLS with a low-latency backbone, built-in network security and support for mobile users and cloud data-centers.

Low-latency, Affordable WAN
Cato leverages cloud scalability, software-defined networking and smart utilisation of a multi-carrier backbone to deliver a high performance and low-latency global WAN, at an affordable price.

Hybrid Cloud Network Integration
Cato enables simple integration of physical and cloud data-centers. It seamlessly extends corporate access control and security policies to cloud infrastructure, enabling unified management of both physical and cloud-based resources.

Mobile Workforce, Secure Cloud Access
Cato provides mobile users with secure and optimised access to enterprise resources in physical and cloud data-centers, as well as cloud applications and internet sites.