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CyberScore™ is an easily affordable security testing and rating service that converts vulnerability data into get well plans and risk management reports for businesses and their supply chains.

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What is CyberScore™ and what does it do?

CyberScore™ gathers data about your organisation and interprets it to present a view of your security posture. It’s simple: you download the CyberScore™ software, allow it to scan your network and produce your very own, peer-rated security score, along with a Get Well Plan and a CyberScore™ certificate.

What are the benefits of using CyberScore™?

CyberScore™ aims to prevent harm being done to your organisation, either directly or via third parties. CyberScore™ does this by giving you a view of your security posture - that is, how you look to someone seeking to attack your IT infrastructure - and creating a plan to allow you to fix things quickly. If you or your partners are running obsolete software - we'll let you know. If you're running supported software that is missing lots of security fixes, we'll flag it and include it in your Get Well Plan. We'll let you know where all of your vulnerabilities are, which ones are most important, either because of their nature or their prevalence. And we'll tell you what to do about them, hopefully before someone else, who cares less about your wellbeing, does.

CyberScore™ for all organisations

CyberScore™ is an automated service that makes cybersecurity accessible to the smallest of businesses as well as enabling Enterprise users to dramatically reduce penetration testing costs. CyberScore™ converts vulnerability data into prioritised, easy-to-understand recommendations and creates actionable get well plans that can be shared amongst staff and service providers alike.

The CyberScore™ dashboard offers a shared view of security posture, peer rating and performance trends. Workflow functionality makes remediation progress easy to track, and results are shareable among business users, security teams, IT staff and service providers.


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Understand your cybersecurity posture throughout the year rather than once a year


Track progress and watch your cyber health improve as mitigation measures are implemented


Track cyber risk across supply chains and third parties without questionnaires or consultants


Set minimum standards, hold suppliers and service providers to account


Dispense with impenetrable reports, share high-quality get well plans with staff and service provides


Dramatically lower the cost and improve the quality of compliance penetration testing


Issue pro-active guidance and support when new threats emerge


Measure performance against the requirements of the UK Cyber Essentials Plus scheme

CyberScore is aligned to the UK Cyber Essentials Plus scheme and can dramatically reduce the likelihood of falling victim to cybercrime.