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We're up on your downtime. Peace of mind for as little as 4 pence / hour.

Monitoring as a Service title with N white

Crucial for business continuity and network uptime, our 24/7/365 network monitoring service gives you the peace of mind to know our expert engineers always have a close eye on your network. Peace of mind for as little as 4 pence / hour.

Monitoring as a Services Flow Chart final1. Cost effective

  • Our service is fully managed, so no need to hire out of hours staff or purchase additional equipment. Peace of mind for as little as 4p / hour*.

2. Scalable

  • Flexible pricing based on the number of devices you wish to include. Your monitoring services grows with your business and your network.

3. Take the stress out of monitoring your network

  • As your business grows so do the demands on your network, IT teams become stretched as the pressure on your network increases, pass the burden of monitoring to us and free your IT teams to focus on delivering crucial day-to-day business IT services.

4. Alert the Right Engineer at the Right Time

  • We proactively raise any issues and alert you; highlighting potential malfunctions when it matters, not after the event.

5. Notification & Escalation

  • Faster incident resolution with multiple / tailored notification methods available – via Phone or Email.

6. Fast to Deploy

  • Easy to set up and roll out with minimal access required by our engineers.

7. Remote Access

  • Access to a tailored dashboard to view your monitored devices in real time, supported by monthly reports detailing the overall health of your network.

What’s covered in our service?

  • Multi-vendor platforms supported, including (but not restricted to) Juniper Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Checkpoint, Fortinet, Aerohive Networks, HP etc.
  • Monitoring of network devices – routers, switches, firewalls.
  • Monitoring of network systems – servers, virtual hosts & guests, storage systems.
  • Standard Monitoring of numerous device interfaces, temperature, memory utilisation, CPU utilisation.
  • Scheduled monthly reports so you can regularly review the health of your network.


* Prices shown are based upon a deployment of 30+ devices on a 3 year contract.
** Remediation services are subject to either the device being within an active support contract held with and maintained by Network Utilities (Systems) Limited or the device being included in a pre-paid incident pack (further details of incident packs are available on request).