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Palo Alto Networks is leading a new era in security by protecting thousands of enterprise, government and service provider networks from cyber threats.

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Palo Alto Networks and Network Utilities are offering you a free Security Lifecycle Review. Assess your cybersecurity posture and minimise exposure to risk. Find out which SaaS and other applications, URL traffic, content types, and known and unknown threats are currently traversing your network.

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APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) have changed the world of enterprise security and how networks and organisations are attacked. These threats, and the cyber-criminals behind them, are experts at remaining hidden from traditional security while exhibiting an intelligence, resiliency, and patience that has never been seen before.

As the next-generation security company, Palo Alto are leading a new era in cybersecurity by safely enabling all applications and preventing advanced threats from achieving their objectives for tens of thousands of organizations around the world. They are the fastest growing security company in the market because of their deep expertise, commitment to innovation, and game-changing security platform focused on bringing an end to the era of breaches by uniquely integrating their Next-Generation Firewall, Advanced Endpoint Protection, and Threat Intelligence Cloud.

Because these capabilities are natively built into their platform and designed to deliver highly automated preventative measures against cyber threats, they can ensure superior security to legacy point technologies such as stateful inspection firewalls, UTMs, or endpoint security products. With their platform, organizations can confidently pursue a digital-first strategy as they implement key technology initiatives within the cloud and increasingly mobile networks, while maintaining complete visibility and control, to protect their most valued data assets and critical control systems.

Preventing successful cyberattacks

The end goal of security is to enable your operations to flourish and keep your organisation out of the headlines associated with cyber breaches. This means reducing the likelihood of a successful attack. By focusing on preventing successful attacks, the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform reduces cybersecurity risk so that it is manageable and quantifiable, allowing organisations to compartmentalise their biggest threats and focus on business operations.

Securing innovation

Security should not be an impediment to adoption of new mobility, SaaS, public or private cloud technologies that enable productivity. Only a natively integrated security platform, with components across these rapidly evolving enterprise technology environments, can keep pace with modern attackers, who draw no distinction as to the location of their target. Your organisation should enjoy the same protection against cyberattacks regardless of how or where your applications and data reside.

Improving security and efficiency

Building security that simply detects threats and requires a manual response is too little, too late, as once your data goes out the door, your risks and costs increase exponentially. Manual remediation does little to reduce risk, is expensive in terms of time and money, and distracts from the identification of true threats. The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform is designed to enable automated prevention of cyberattacks to reduce the increased risks and costs associated with detection and remediation.