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Sandvine helps organisations engineer and operate world-class networks with Active Network Intelligence.

By leveraging Sandvine’s machine learning analytics and closed-loop automation, operators can identify and adapt network behaviour in real-time. With Sandvine, organisations have the power of an automated platform from a single vendor that delivers a deeper understanding of their network data to drive faster, and more informed decision-making.


  • Analytics Take the guesswork out of managing your network, with actionable network intelligence.
  • Network Optimisation Contain costs, preserve quality of experience, and improve efficiency, with intelligent network optimisation.
  • Network Security Protect your network and its users from online threats.
  • Regulatory Compliance Keep up with changing network operator regulations, quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Revenue Assurance Get paid fairly for the data and services you deliver.
  • Revenue Generation Grow revenue by rapidly deploying innovative digital services your customers want.

Why Innovators Choose Sandvine

Customers choose Sandvine because they deliver four distinct advantages for their networks and staff:

See with Clearer Eyes

  • See everything: deployed in-line to observe all data in real time
  • Single version of the truth: highest quality data provides trust
  • Deepest granularity: go beyond Layer-7 to truly understand user behaviour
  • Advanced classification: leverage machine learning, correlative analysis and other techniques to keep pace
  • Contextual awareness: across users, services, applications, technologies and networks

Act Smarter Every Day

  • Link any condition to any action: event-driven Sandvine Policy Engine makes decisions in real-time
  • Continuously optimised policies: machine learning and AI to predict network and user behaviour
  • Smarter, faster decisions: best-in-class visualisation capabilities drive actionable business insights
  • Embedded in the business: preferred Network Intelligence feed into other backend decision systems

Handle the Unexpected

  • Highly versatile architecture: adapt immediately to changing market conditions and opportunities
  • Fine-grained control: give each app/user/service/device the resources it needs, on-demand
  • Works with the network you have: virtual, physical, elastic, in-line, network edge or data centre core
  • Scales up or down: small to large subscriber/user base, low to high network volumes

Drive New Economics

  • Closed-loop automation: takes action in real-time to achieve your business objectives
  • Works across the business: individual lines of business and across multiple segments
  • Significantly lowers OpEx: better allocate resources, subscribers, users, devices, apps, locations and time
  • Deliver 10x performance with the same budget: close the economics gap