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Privileged account passwords and endpoints are the primary targets of hackers. Thycotic secures passwords, protects endpoints and controls access.

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Thycotic Secret Server delivers an indispensable, comprehensive Privileged Account Management (PAM) solution to protect your “keys to the kingdom” from cyber-attacks and insider threats.

Automatically improve privileged account password management, security, and compliance without impacting productivity.

For Security Pros

  • Assures affordable, flexible password and privilege management security that scales for enterprises
  • Makes meeting compliance audits and mandates faster and easier
  • Accelerates information security adoption across the organisation

For IT Admins

  • Saves a lot of time managing passwords and security
  • Easy to install and even easier to manage with no training
  • Significantly reduces trouble tickets and user requests

For Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Discovers, stores, manages and reports on privileged account credential security
  • Controls applications and endpoints with least privilege management
  • Helps satisfy audit and compliance requirements for SOX, GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, NIST, PCI and more…

Thycotic’s privileged password and endpoint protection solutions gives you all these advantages:

  • Comprehensive Password Protection, Endpoint Lockdown, And Access Control 
  • Simplest to Manage
  • Fastest Time to Value
  • Demonstrates Compliance
  • Readily Adopted by IT Admin Users
  • Helps Assure Least Privilege Protection
  • Delivers Passionate Support