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Palo Alto Networks and Network Utilities are offering you a free Security Lifecycle Review. Assess your cybersecurity posture and minimise exposure to risk. Find out which SaaS and other applications, URL traffic, content types, and known and unknown threats are currently traversing your network.

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Dare to Know Your Network: Get a free Application & Network Risk Report. Discover hidden security risks in your network with a detailed and non-invasive network assessment from Network Utilities.

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If you use personal data in your business you expose your organisation to risk. Our consultants will assess the what, the how and the why you manage data privacy. If you want to learn if you are exposing your customer’s valuable data and avoid costly fines and damage to reputation, please get in touch to find out more.

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We would like to offer you an assessment of your DNS security, providing an in depth report on your current DNS traffic, potential vulnerabilities and the overall resilience of your DNS infrastructure.

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Crucial for business continuity and network uptime, our 24/7/365 network monitoring service gives you the peace of mind to know our expert engineers always have a close eye on your network. Peace of mind for as little as 4 pence / hour.

Webinar Recording: Watch our on demand webinar and take a dive into today’s data and cyber security threat landscape with our Principle Technology Strategist; Malcolm Orekoya. Network Utilities’ Services puts your business first, reduces your risk and helps you ensure your network is safe, secure, fast and compliant.

Webinar Recording: Our managed Vulnerability Assessment Service is a measure that can ease your concerns around cyber attacks. It enables a safe and accurate scan of your network for security threats and vulnerabilities and provides the benefits of ongoing, regular scans and visibility. Watch our webinar recording to learn more about the service.