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How is your network being accessed?

If you want to maximise security you need a holistic view of all activity across your network. Controlling user access and securing what is on your network are crucial steps, but you also need to understand how external influences are getting into your network.

SecurityMob O

Secure Mobility

The mobile workforce is growing year-on-year; increasing use of Wi-Fi enabled devices to drive productivity is also introducing potential security breaches that threaten the corporate network and its resources. As a result, IT departments are scrambling to enable basic connectivity across a wide variety of mobile platforms.

Studies show that, where mobile working is concerned, the most common risk control measures are password protection, remote wiping of data and use of encryption, while the main security concerns are data loss, unauthorised access and malware infections.

We offer multi-function, single-client security solutions to help manage and secure mobile environments.

Access control O

Access Control

The ability to dictate and manage secure, granular access and end-user connectivity to departments, employees, customers, guests, suppliers and partners across your network is now business-critical.

Achieving this requires security risk mitigation and a controlled balance of user-friendly network access for both IT and staff, all at a reasonable cost.

Our solutions include powerful and reliable AAA/RADIUS authentication solutions, which can significantly enhance the security and manageability of your network. We also offer SSL, VPN and multi-factor authentication solutions to ensure you have the highest level of access control.

If you have access control requirements we can bring over 21 years of experience to your door.

I highly recommend Network Utilities to anyone looking for a safe, supportive & professional pair of hands for their IT projects.

Richard Tatschner, IT Manager, Jackson Coles

Usability O

Usability & Performance

When your network security raises an alert, the hunt begins. Is this an attack? What’s happening, and which systems are affected?

Using technologies now being adopted by many large Service Providers and Enterprises we can provide complete visibility into all your traffic - even SSL encrypted data.

We can help you troubleshoot, at scale, security and performance incidents in real-time and retrospectively, as well as load-balance traffic.

We also offer network forensics, which can be a powerful solution for finding evidence of security attacks, and which has become an essential tool for monitoring and troubleshooting 10G and faster networks.

Visibility and insight into your infrastructure increases agility and security, whilst also reducing downtime costs.