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What are your users trying to access?

Your network faces countless internal and external threats, and protecting it can often seem like an endless task. Our identity-centric products and solutions create a secure network environment, giving you a complete picture of all activity.

Visibility O

Visibility & Control

Total network visibility is a business critical requirement. But with greater user demand, and multi-device access increasing overall network complexity, it’s more important than ever that your IT department can see exactly what is going on.

Complete visibility and control allows you to fully optimise operations:

  • Monitor peak performance times
  • Reduce bandwidth costs
  • Guarantee reliability across all applications at all times

A lack of visibility also increases malware and phishing risks, making it vital you can monitor your network for incidents and user behaviour.

Optimise your network with our complete portfolio of visibility solutions.

Network Utilities are experts at finding the right product for us, at the right price and getting it to us at the right time. If your requirements are any one of these three things I would turn to Network Utilities but if you want all three I’d definitely turn to Network Utilities. It makes sense to seek a partner who can offer value across the board.

Mashudul Karim, Group IT Manager, Greater London Enterprise

Networkdata O

Network & Data Security

Experienced hackers know that every network is vulnerable in some way - whether you’re fixed or wireless, your business is under constant threat from external attack.

We know how to identify these vulnerabilities and mitigate against them.  As a result, robust network and data controls are not just about monitoring user activity – the key lies in putting systems in place to protect your confidential data, your business critical applications, and your entire network.

We offer a complete range of solutions:

  • Next generation firewalls
  • Threat detection
  • Identity-aware Network Access Control (NAC)
  • End-point protection
  • Data loss prevention 
NetworkInfra O

Network Infrastructure

While your users expect reliable and predictable network performance - even as new applications are added to the network - the challenge for IT departments is how to implement and manage an infrastructure able to deliver:

  • The performance employees expect
  • The features and flexibility your operations need
  • All at a cost you can live with

We offer almost endless configurations of routing, switching and security solutions that are designed to connect real-time, business-critical applications and services to your users in central sites, branch and regional offices and data centres.