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Data is your business - accurately assigning an identity to all traffic gives you the power to take overall control of what’s happening on your network, making it easy to secure it from negative external influences such as cyber and DDoS attacks.

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NetworkSec O

Network Security

Your network is under cyber-attack every day.

Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS) attacks are finding increasingly sophisticated ways to flood your network with large volumes of traffic that threaten network performance. To protect revenue streams from attacks, your IP-based network services are a top priority. In practice however, most of today's network security systems are not built to support the scalability or performance required by service provider networks. This increases network and operational costs, and degrades network performance, which negatively impacts revenue-generating services.

We can secure and improve network performance.

User Stories...

Some of our successfully completed Service Provider projects include:

Network Access Control
One of the world's leading communications services companies required a security deployment for network access control over more than 100,000 endpoint devices in more than 170 countries.

Authentification O

Authentication & Control

Our policy management, charging, and authentication solutions form vital roles for Service Providers. We help manage Internet service delivery, in order to:

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Contain operating costs
  • Maximise revenue

Your marketing teams can take advantage of great flexibility in the packages they offer to consumers, whilst helping boost ROI and cutting TCO to your business and commercial stakeholders.

User Stories...

Some of our successfully completed Service Provider projects include:

Fixed Broadband AAA and Quota Management
One of the largest UK mobile operators required a quota management and authentication platform for their fixed broadband service on a new converged core network. 

iPhone authentication and Wi-Fi integration
One of the largest UK mobile operators required a platform to support a new smartphone to integrate with BT Open Zone Wi-Fi hotspots. 

Managed GPRS authentication platform
A leading UK mobile operator required a turn-key solution for offering managed GPRS services to their clients.

Shared RADIUS solution for managed DSL
A UK virtual network operator was looking for a short project timeline implementation of a shared RADIUS solution to immediately manage private DSL authentication for a single customer

DSL Authentication
One of the largest triple play providers required a highly scalable, high performance authentication platform to provide DSL authentication

VisibilityOp O

Visibility & Optimisation

Growing volumes of Internet, mobile and cloud traffic are putting networks under increasing pressure. More accurate visibility and control over application, user, and device traffic helps to eliminate downtime and enables policy-based control of every IP flow and application transaction on your network. This is particularly important for MSPs, where increasing bandwidth costs can impact revenue.

Our solutions give you back control of your network, helping to manage congestion and reduce your costs - without compromising the end-user experience.

User Stories...

Some of our successfully completed Service Provider projects include:

Wi-Fi Offload
One of the largest global mobile operators recognised that there were large cost savings to be made on their UK service by enforcing Wi-Fi offload from the data network via BT Open Zone hotspots.

Network Automation O

Network Management & Automation

Bringing your data together gives a more holistic view of your network. Increased visibility and insight ensures you’re always making fully-informed decisions based upon real network usage facts, as opposed to ‘gut-feel’ and assumption. We can provide analytics solutions to monitor trends and usage patterns, allowing you to assign an identity to all traffic across the network, enhancing customer service.

Core O

Core Network

We know core networks, and already work with a range of service providers to ensure they are fully protected from any risks.

But not all threats are external, with many originating inside your network (eg. out-going spam and worm propagation can cause network congestion and lead to operator black listing).  Because your core network is critical, our suite of switches and routers focus on keeping the heart of your network secure, while our firewalls ensure you keep malicious attacks out.