Simple, Secure and Stress-Free Managed Services

Our rich history of identity-centric network and security solutions places us in a unique position to deliver our range of Managed Services support to your business. You will gain an understanding of who is on your network, what they want to access, and how they are trying to access it. Consider Network Utilities as an extension of your IT Team, providing levels of expertise only normally seen in large IT departments with equally large budgets.


Network Utilities Managed Services puts your business first, reduces the risk and helps you ensure your network is safe, secure, fast and compliant.

We are cost effective

Who doesn’t want to significantly reduce their IT overhead?

We are Scalable

Do you want a provider that can grow alongside you?

We are Stress-Free

Are you having sleepless nights and need to off load the heavy lifting?

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Incorporating an authentication solution into your organisation is the best way to fight remote attacks, any exploitation or attempts to take over your valuable data. Our authentication platform ensures strong security for your online and mobile transactions, as well as protected access to websites, VPN’s, Enterprise & Cloud apps, portals, PC’s, buildings and more.



Our unique Firewall-as-a-Service presents an opportunity to reduce your costs and complexity and deliver better overall security for your business. It simplifies the way your organisation connects and protects data centres, remote branches, cloud infrastructure and mobile users by creating a full network security stack in the cloud, thus reducing the need to upgrade or retire outdated network appliances along with the staff required to fully manage this process.


Advanced malware protection

Our advanced endpoint protection uses the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to protect your organisations endpoints against todays advanced and persistent threats that render traditional signature based AV solutions ineffective. With minimal updates, fewer system resources and limited network and user impact we will proactively monitor your endpoint estate and stop merely detecting attacks; we will block them in real-time before they cause any damage to your security infrastructure.



Let us provide you with a holistic view of your organisations security infrastructure with our world class Managed SOC service at an affordable price. We will help you to reduce risk, respond to threats faster and achieve compliance and ensure business continuity in this ever changing digital landscape. We can support virtually any data source across your organisation including traditional network security devices, as well as new security technologies and critical applications.

Network and Security Health

Enhanced support services

We understand your business is unique and therefore requires specific support to fit your individual needs. With our range of Enhanced Support Services you can add on a little or a lot to create an overall solution that works for you; let us help you prepare for tomorrow’s cyber threats today!

Network and Security Health

Managed change

The impact of managing change on your network equipment within your organisation can be extremely demanding. We can provide you with a structured approach from our experienced and qualified engineers to work on your network on your behalf for troubleshooting or making those changes you don’t have the time to do.

Network and Security Health


As your business grows, so do the demands and your IT team becomes stretched as the pressure on the network increases. Easy to set up our fully managed Monitoring-as-a-Service gives you peace of mind to know there is always an eye on your network; so no need to hire out of hours staff or purchase additional costly equipment. The pricing is structured on the number of devices you wish to include and can be scaled as your business grows.

Network and Security Health

Managed firewall

If you find managing your firewall challenging and it’s getting in the way of achieving your critical business objectives, then why not let us take away the stress. For us it’s hassle-free and here at Network Utilities we can offer you a fully managed firewall service that gives you an effective defense to malicious threats and helps protect your organisation from unauthorised access to valuable resources.

Network and Security Health

Vulnerability & pen-testing

Penetration and security testing remains a strong component of our Managed Services. We can help you determine the aims and objectives of any testing. If you have a certification or compliance action looming, we can offer practical advice on the scope and the approach of any testing. This will help you to make a considered investment in the context of your short and longer term business goals.

Training and Support Services

Security awareness training

We are here to help you educate your employees to think before they link. Our training builds the awareness your staff need without them having to sit through hours of security training; thus reducing the risk of accidental or malicious internal or external threats and supporting you in maintaining a healthy security posture.

Training and Support Services

Hands-on workshops

Here at Network Utilities we pride ourselves on being a technically led organisation. All of our engineers are certified to the highest level and host multiple tech hands-on workshops throughout the year. These workshops are offered in partnership with our best of bread vendors giving you the opportunity to see how specific solutions will fit into your organisation before making any large purchasing decisions.

Training and Support Services

Data privacy assessments

If you use personal data in your organisation you are exposing your business to risk. Avoid and mitigate against costly fines and reputational damage with the help of our qualified consultants; we can assess how you manage data privacy and help you avoid exposing your customers’ valuable data.

Training and Support Services

GDPR Support

As an organisation we understand how confusing General Data Protection Regulation related issues can be. Data runs through your entire organisation and this new legislation will affect all parts of your business. We are here to give you advice and guidance on your journey to compliance and beyond. Knowledge and on-going support is not only advised but in some cases mandated in the GDPR.